Anni Kurmis




Bowler Hat Productions

Anni Kurmis decided to set up her own production company following a successful regional (West Yorkshire) tour of her one woman show, the great Alan Bennett’s ‘Talking Heads’. She went on to develop the production and did a tour in the North from which she was then invited to perform at various Arts Festivals.

Why ‘Bowler Hat’? Anni was given a tatty old Bowler Hat a number of years ago. It is very special and dear to her and she began to don the bowler for good luck before going on stage and after each performance. So the bowler hat became her trademark. It’s as simple and as important as that!

Bowler Hat’s intention is to promote inventive and exploratory approaches to contemporary and new writing. Productions will tour to regional, national and international venues including the Arts Festival circuit.

Anni Kurmis

As a small child, Anni would make her mum laugh by running around holding a pretend cigar and sticking her bottom out pretending to be Groucho Marx! To see how her impersonations could make her mum laugh gave her a great feeling and she supposes it all started way back then.

Anni Kurmis has toured the region playing lead roles in:

‘Me & My Friend’ and ‘Sex and Death’ with Square One Actors’ Company (a theatre company she jointly set up in 1999).

‘After The Ball Was Over?’ (new writing by Janice Sims) with Wordsmith Productions.

‘Talking Heads’ by Alan Bennett - Susan in ‘Bed Among the Lentils’ and Lesley in ‘Her Big Chance’, with Bowler Hat Productions.

Last Respects (new writing by Kevin O’Hara) with Antic Mind Theatre Company

Radio work includes: BBC Radio 4 series ‘New Shoots, Old Tips’ - Narrator.

Phoenix Radio - Narrator

Training includes:

2008 - Antonio Venturino’s Commedia dell’Arte Master Class
2004 - Society for Storytelling, Annual Gathering, Cumbria
2003 - The Alchemy of Screen Acting, Macheath Productions, London
2001/3 - Alan Ayckbourn’s Theatre Summer School, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
2001 - Michael Birch’s Drama Workshops, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
1997 - Television Training, Halifax Business Television, Milecross Studios
1995 - 1998 - Trained in Method acting at Actors’ Workshop. Member of the resident ‘Studio Group’. Theatre credits include: Nurse Ratched in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Violet in ‘Small Craft Warnings’; Hazel in ‘Time and The Conways’; Joan in ‘Sexual Perversity in Chicago’; Sunshine Dore in ‘Harold & Maude’; Nell in ‘Passion Play’. Most recently for the Studio Group: Alice in ‘The Rose Between Two Thorns’ (new writing by Lottie Ward) and in 2006 - ‘Vagina Monologues’.